Smooth is a young brand that has been created to make logo_webpeople understand that life should be simple. There is no need to pay for high end products and complicate life trying to save money or pay high bills to obtain a phone. At smooth we strive for excellence, style, performance and quality at the best price in the market. We want our customers to have it all in a cellphone without paying the high costs.

With Smooth, we provide excellence in both quality and price, because we manufacture at our own factory in China, therefore our customers can count with a reliable product, the best after sales support and the best price available in the market.

With over 15 years of experience in cell phones, we have created Smooth, to become the brand with the highest expectations in the market feeling so confident of our brand that we strongly believe we will achieve sales over 3 million units during the first 2 years. In less than a year, Smooth already has reached sales over 600,000 units and we are continuously developing products that will innovate therefore making it possible to grow in all directions.

There is only one thing you should know in life, and that is our motto. Life is good and short. So please, do like us and keep it simple.

SMOOTH its Simple….

Our History

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Our Birth

We began in November 2015 with our first model Smooth Snap, our best seller and biggest hit in the market, with over 200.000 units sold in the first quarter.

Our idea was to innovate and bring a product to the market with features that are usually seen in high end products without increasing the price and maintaining the highest quality standards. This time, we created a low end product revolutionizing the way all customers experience and feel while using a phone like Smooth Snap with a 2.4-inch LCD. It is 33% larger then common feature phones and 5 colors to choose from and a silicon case that matches each individual color.

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With a continuous growth and increasing demand in the market, for our first quarter Smooth incorporated two new models: Snap Mini 1.8-inch LCD with same features as Snap, and Snap Power 2.4-inch LCD with extended battery life and wireless radio.
In our second quarter achieving sales over 400.000 units, we decided to incorporate two new models This time, in the high end level but, maintaining our low price. Star 5 and Star 5.5 both, Android phones with featuring slim design, high quality, versatile look, with protective glass screen and silicone case cover.
At present time during the third quarter we can say thanks to all our customers who believed in us and we are happy to announce that we will bring our first water resistance model to our family Smooth X-plorer. Our expectations are so high we believe Smooth will become the fastest growing brand in Miami. Our goal is to always keep innovating and to bring to our customers quality products at the best price. That is why at Smooth we only see things one way… its simple… best quality at the best price.

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